Tree bark naturally protects wood from the elements – It’s nature’s way of keeping timber in the very best condition.

But over time bark wears away, leaving exposed wood to dry out, discolour and eventually crack. Wind, rain and frost can penetrate even the smallest crevasses, causing further damage that makes your property look run-down and dilapidated. But even more importantly, untreated wood can easily become a fire hazard, and covering your timber with a self-treatment is only a short term fix.

At Timber Loving Care we get straight to the root of the problem to help ensure your wood lasts for many years to come. Our motto is “Don’t just stain your wood, regain your wood!”, so we take special care to help ensure your surrounding property is protected during the restoration and that all treatments are environmentally friendly.

We offer a full range of wood restoration and protection services to keep your timber fresh, attractive and safe:

Wood Cleaning

Wood Restoration

Wood Fire Protection

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