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Timber Loving Care

The wood restoration and protection specialists

What we do

Untreated wood can easily become a fire hazard. Our services are designed to help keep your exterior wood safe, protected and restored back to its natural beauty.
Wood Cleaning

As any craftsperson will tell you, a great job starts with a clean and smooth canvas.

Wood Restoration

Wood is vulnerable to the elements, so we use specialised UV protectors to help prevent it from premature ageing.

Wood Fire Protection

The last step of the wood restoration process is the most important – fireproofing the timbers.

Who we work with

Our clients include local authorities, businesses and private customers who want to restore the looks of their exterior wood in a sustainable and cost effective way.


Timber veneers are integral to architectural design.



Lead by example and make sustainability a priority



Maintain iconic landmark status



Aesthetics play a vital role in where consumers spend their money.



Water damage can quickly become an expensive problem

Two-year guarantee on all wood restoration projects

Before TLC

When not properly treated, exterior wood can lose its looks and luster over time, becoming dark, dull and flat.

woodBefore woodAfter
After TLC

We use a special combination of carefully chosen wood care products and tools to restore timber to its former glory, bringing back shine and moisture and protecting it from the elements.

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