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Timber features have been integral to architectural design for decades. Wood is the only truly sustainable building product, and when cared for properly it can look beautiful for many years.


If you’re in the fortunate position of having a wooden door (or any other timber feature on the exterior of your property) you’ll know that it plays an important part in its overall aesthetics. Unfortunately, when it comes to wood that can work both ways. A well cared for piece of timber is a thing of great natural beauty that can make a great first impression, but a neglected one can have the opposite effect.

When wood is used and abused over time it can easily become shabby and unkempt looking. Not only that, untreated wood can also become a fire hazard, putting the safety of your building (and everyone in it) at risk. But before you reach for your wallet to buy a brand new wooden product, it makes good sense to consider having it restored instead.

Restoring wood is better for the environment and often costs a great deal less than buying new. Most people are more aware of the importance of recycling these days, but there are still things we can all do to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. Instead of sending your old wood to the dump or a gas-guzzling, polluting incinerator, consider whether you can repair, restore or adapt it instead.

There are plenty of products you can buy on the high street and in DIY stores that will provide a quick fix, but if you want the job done properly it’s good sense to hire an expert in wood restoration.

Timber protection and restoration specialists like our team here at TLC don’t just apply products straight from a tin, we get to the root of why your timber has lost its looks. As self-confessed tree huggers, we appreciate and respect all different types of wood and understand what it needs to be restored to its former glory. In just a few hours we can completely revitalise timber, giving it a new lease of life and leaving you with an exterior you can once again be proud of.

We take our work very seriously, so our three step wood restoration process (clean, restore, protect) gets into all your wooden nooks and crannies and ensures that it’s protected from pollutants, chemical damage and natural elements like water and fire. When the wood has been fully restored using this intricate, highly skilled process it will look as good as new for years – far longer than if you were to have replaced it with something new.

Trees are our friends. They provide an essential home for wildlife and help us breathe fresher, cleaner air. The UK government is investing in tree planting initiatives and companies of all sizes are considering what they can do to fight climate change. By restoring your wooden exterior you can save money and the planet – and enjoy an impressive looking building at the same time!

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